Every organization has a story to tell. I help them tell it.

Specializing in marketing through storytelling, I write stories that engage your audience, move them emotionally, and connect them to your message. I strive to understand your audience and tailor content to their wants and needs, while keeping in mind your business goals.

I’m a professional writer and editor based in Baltimore with 15+ years of experience in communications, marketing, and consulting. Although I’ve written for global corporations, the federal government, and universities, I have a special affinity for working with nonprofits.

My areas of interest include:

•Health and Wellness
•Mental Health

Clients call me professional, reliable, talented, and easy to work with.

Special skills:
•Powerful storytelling ability
•Marketing/business mindset
•Clear, concise, conversational style
•Skilled in interviewing to elicit powerful quotes
•Healthcare and business background

I hold a master’s degree in professional writing from Towson University and an MBA from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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