Editor of Potential magazine, circulation 50,000+Editorial

Former editor of Potential magazine, Kennedy Krieger Institute’s flagship publication, distributed to over 50,000 patients and families, donors, healthcare professionals, and members of the media.(3/2012 – 4/2016)

Former editor of Connection, newsletter for employees of Kennedy Krieger Institute, circulation 3,000+. (3/2012 – 4/2016)

Former editor of Johns Hopkins University PrimeTime News for retirees of Johns Hopkins University (1/2010-8/2011)

Marketing through Storytelling

“A Ray of Light Amidst Darkness”A small Baltimore nonprofit works to bring awareness and research into the causes and prevention of stillbirth, bringing hope to parents who have lost a child.

“Unbroken: Pfeiffer’s Story”At 4 years old, Pfeiffer is funny, precocious, very charming, and wise beyond her years. She loves dresses with flowers, Barbies, and all things girly. She is also partially paralyzed, a result of transverse myelitis.

Back from Near-death” – Charnira was on life support and expected to remain in a vegetative state: Her amazing recovery from brain injury.

“Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain”Kennedy Krieger researchers advance scientific discovery through collaborative efforts.

“Why Wait and See?: Matthew’s Story”After early intervention helped her son, a mother helps educate minority communities about autism.

“Unraveling the Mystery of a Lifetime: Keith and Kevin’s Story”Innovative genetic sequencing technology helps diagnose two brothers who were “undiagnosable”for more than 20 years, leading the way for other families to find answers. 

“Unbreakable Spirit”Imagine having not one, but two children with spinal cord injuries. For the Buckles family of Northern Virginia, this is their reality.

“Turning Today’s Research into Tomorrow’s Care” – Clinical Trials help advance treatment, prevention, and possible cures for pediatric psychiatric disorders.

“Rising Up” – Professional training program aims to reduce health disparities in Baltimore and beyond.

“Born to Run” – Despite severe autism and catatonia, Jamie Schneider’s triumphs have been far greater than his disability.

“The Neuroscience of Movement” – How brain stimulation post-injury can affect learning and recovery.

Urban Health Institute Publications – Social Determinants of Health – Health Equity Through Action: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward

Squandered Resources – Incarceration: Its Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives

“A New Life, Half a World Away”Ostracized by her own people because of her son’s developmental disabilities, a mother’s journey to save her son leads her from Africa to Baltimore.

“Bringing it All Home for Patients with Tuberous Sclerosis”New interdisciplinary clinic brings world-class research, care, and support for families of patients with complex neurodevelopmental disorder.

“A Place to Call Home” – A therapeutic foster care program helped Carl defy the odds more than 20 years ago. Now, he’s paying it forward. 

“When Blowing Kisses is a Monumental Feat”An in utero stroke left Allie without the use of her right arm, but early, targeted therapy is helping her get it back.

“Riding High”Throughout her rehabilitation from paralysis, the dream of one day riding horses again kept Krystal motivated.

“Untapped Potential”When behavior gets in the way of learning, a specialized school program helps bring out a student’s potential.

“Operation Save Megan”A military dad requests and receives a compassionate reassignment to Baltimore so his daughter can once again receive the expert care she needs for her rare genetic disorder.

“Camp SOAR Brings Hope and Healing to Former Patients” – When Lily was three, her entire family was in a car accident that left her paralyzed and her family shattered. A camp for former patients and families helped them heal again.

“The Fight of His Life”After a brain tumor blindsided Kokayi and left him without the ability to walk, talk, or even swallow, he fought to get his life back.

“One Step Closer to a Cure”For the Heck family, who have raised over $1 million for Sturge-Weber syndrome research, a medical breakthrough offers hope for new treatments and possibly a cure in daughter Jenna’s lifetime.

“Healing Paws”Animal assisted therapy helped motivate and lift the spirits of animal lover Destiny Fallas during her rehabilitation from transverse myelitis.

“Growing Up Great”After suffering through anxiety and aggression at other schools, Jacob learned the skills he needed to thrive through a specialized autism education program.

“Rehabilitation: Three-time Cancer Survivor Finds Her Strength” – After cancer and chemotherapy left her so fragile doctors said she might never walk again, a young girl finds her strength.

“Beating the Pain”When multiple doctors could not help relieve her suffering from pain so severe she could no longer walk, Katie Bickford now has her life back.

“Hope for Patients with ALD” – New center offers comprehensive treatment, research, and hope for patients with debilitating neurological disorders.

“The Cooling Cure”A collaboration between doctors and engineers leads to an innovative, low-cost medical device that may help prevent cerebral palsy in developing countries.

“In My Own Words: John Manison”John Manison is an 18-year-old freshman at Ashland University in Ohio. He is dedicated to his rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury and focused on achieving therapy goals en route to living his life without a wheelchair.

“Bringing Back Matthew”After surviving a horrific car crash, a young boy defied expectations in his recovery from traumatic brain injury.

“Learning Therapy: Rohan’s Story”When brain injury happens at a young age, education can be a critical component of recovery.

“Finding the Right Fit: Diego’s Story” – After struggling to succeed in other schools, Diego found the support he needed to thrive, thanks to a specialized autism education program.

“The Transformation of James: James’s Story”After more than 15 years of targeted autism services, James Williams III is redefining his potential.

“Lifeline” – Conquering complex medical conditions together: One family’s journey.

“Back into the Game”The Bennett Institute helps athletes with disabilities get off the sidelines and into the game.

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